Princess Diaries

Hi! I'm Zhel. From Manila, PH.
I'm so good at wasting time.. I like vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, rainbows and scrapbooks.. David Archuleta is my angel. ;-)

Happy birthday Eunice! :)

Awww :(

Haha. I can’t believe I’m actually doing a version of @taylorswift’s cover album #1989 #shakeitoff

True indeed! Have a blessed Sunday! Thank God it’s restday :) Yey *wink *wink :)

Love this song by Hilary Duff :) New on my playlist.

Pan fried meat loaf coated with egg on a bed of brown rice. Breakfast for today #vsco #lakasmakaMasterChef #feelingera

Seems like it was just yesterday. Circa 2010 😪 I miss Suncell days.

My new sounds:

My view last night ;) So near yet so far. But still it was one of the best concert! I’m like dancing, singing, screaming all night! Long live the queen! #bestnightever #redtour @taylorswift

'Til we see each other again! 💋